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Welcome to the On Fire Empire Podcast. In our first episode, we will be asking the question of whether there is an upside to getting personally invested with people in a professional environment. Our guest today is Mindy Felton who works with cancer patients at UCSD Medical Center, a job that is fraught with emotional and moral considerations. Kelly and Mindy discuss the similarities in their careers and how they approach the potential trauma and difficulty of emotions and their belief in the personal care that goes beyond the call of duty. The conversation covers personal experiences and anecdotes, and Mindy is kind enough to share a very touching and sensitive story from her family life. A large portion of the episode is spent weighing up the lack of emphasis that is given to personal investment and care with patients and clients across professions and how this can shortchange the experience for everyone involved. For all this and more, join us for our first episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Mindy’s education and her work history up this point.
  • The experiences that are preparation for where one needs to be.
  • A little about Mindy’s adopted daughter, Heather.
  • The lack of training for the emotional weight of Mindy’s job.
  • The ‘common sense rule’ in the Californian legal code of ethics.
  • Confusion around business cases and family disputes.
  • The reconciliation that is possible with good mediation and a personal touch.
  • Kelly’s switch from real estate law to family law.
  • The gift you can give a family and its members through correct care.
  • Mindy’s two main reasons for choosing her challenging career path.
  • Choosing to go the extra mile with patients in the toughest times.
  • The difference between the pure technician and the empathetic expert.
  • And much more!



“Can you really give the patient the experience that they deserve in the hand that they need during a very scary time? Those are the employees and the technologists that shine… the ones that can come alongside, right where somebody is.” — Mindy Felton [0:19:38.9]

“One of my favorite things to do in mediation is to go where the lawyers are uncomfortable to go. Because most of the time in any dispute, there is some hurt feeling or some piece that’s emotionally charged.” — Kelly Bennett  [0:26:47.3]


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