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The Ultimate Divorce Planner Checklist


Divorce =  fear and uncertainty.

This is your antidote.

Planning is one of the great antidotes to fear and uncertainty.

When you plan for divorce, you significantly decrease the drama and the trauma. You gain clarity about the coming days, weeks and months. And with clarity comes certainty and peace.

That’s why Kelly created The Ultimate Divorce Planner Checklist™ to give you control over your future.

With 10 easy to follow “Action Areas”, The Ultimate Divorce Planner Checklist™ walks you through the most important things to do and plan, right now.

The 10 Action Areas are a series of easy, simple checklists that break down the overwhelm and give you a head-start on divorce. With The Ultimate Divorce Planner Checklist™ you’ll avoid pitfalls like:

  • Losing access to important documents you’ll need to resolve your divorce.
  • Being blind-sided by how much things really cost as you start a separate household.
  • The unintended emotional harm that happens to children when “breaking the news” about the divorce is not thoughtfully planned.

After using the Checklist, you’ll:

  • Be ready to take care of the “business” side of divorce, with ease;
  • Know what you need (and want) out of the divorce, and negotiate it with confidence;
  • Be able to properly budget for living as a single person/parent (and avoid surprises);
  • Set yourself up with the right circle of supporters you’ll need to go through divorce successfully;
  • …and so much more!

About the Creator of The Ultimate Divorce Planner Checklist™, Kelly Bennett:

Kelly Bennett has been practicing law for nearly 30 years and founded Bennett & Bennett, APC,  a leading family law firm in Southern California. Kelly has also successfully mediated nearly 1,000 cases – with an emphasis on divorce and family law matters, helping folks avoid the high cost of divorce court.

Kelly believes that people in family crises deserve top notch coaching, resources and inspiration to get them through. Operating from the principle, “freely you’ve received, so freely give…” Kelly founded LawLoveLife, bringing the best of her legal skills, political (yes, she was the Mayor of her city) and business know-how to the table. Check out Kelly’s offerings through her blog, YouTube videos, popular live trainings, master classes, online programs and her weekly podcast, On Fire Empire™ (available on iTunes,, and where ever you listen to podcasts).


A note from Kelly:

The #1 concern my family law clients express is fear and uncertainty about their future. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed just thinking about divorce?  I have good news:

You’re not alone.

And it doesn’t have to be that way.

While divorce isn’t the happiest of times, there’s freedom in planning.  And with that freedom comes a better way through, for you and your children.

I’ve created The Ultimate Divorce Planner Checklist™ because you deserve a roadmap to a smoother, faster divorce. This is a compilation of planning tools that until now, have only been available to my private family law clients. This is the good stuff!