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On today’s show we welcome two very special guests, my two daughters, Rachael and Chloe Bennett. In the previous episode, I talked to my husband and business partner, Greg Bennett, about working with your spouse. In today’s episode, we continue to unpack the topic of working together with family. How does a family with such unique individuals come together to work in the same place? Do personal issues hinder the function of business, do the family relationships create problems with other team members? Well, in this episode my daughters and I discuss these questions to get down to the true answers. We dive into Rachael and Chloe’s backgrounds and how those journeys have shaped their contributions to the family business. We also explore the importance of setting boundaries and the detrimental effects that can result in relationships when those boundaries are not honored. For all this and more, keep listening!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Rachael and Chloe’s different paths in college.
  • The significance of Pepperdine University and Heidelberg, Germany to the Bennett family.
  • Rachael and Chloe’s roles at the law firm.
  • Chloe’s work in reality TV before joining the law firm.
  • Landing back in the family business.
  • Chloe’s big joys and big pros of working in the family business.
  • Relationship development when working with family.
  • How conflict center around a lack of context for who the other person is.
  • The importance of BOUNDARIES.
  • How spending too much time with family members can be destructive in your relationships.
  • Dealing with work issues as a family dynamic in a business.
  • And so much more!


“Empire to us means, building something bigger than ourselves for a higher good and creating a legacy.” — Kelly Bennett [0:19:50.1]

“The biggest thing that’s unique and is a pro in this kind of working situation would be that you spend so much time with your family.” — Chloe Bennett [0:25:31.1]

“I have a much deeper respect for the two of you after working with you and seeing how you problem solve and seeing how you do what you do and do what you do very well.” — Rachel Bennett [0:26:58.1]

“Spending too much time with your family can also be destructive in your relationships.” — Chloe Bennett [0:36:10.1]

“Don’t let your kids call you mom or dad in the office and vice-versa. Treat them like a peer and make them call you by your first name.” — Kelly Bennet [0:37:32.0]

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