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In this episode of the On Fire Empire Podcast, Kelly is joined by her husband Greg to talk about the idea of working together with a spouse. They explore the topic from the personal experience of running their own firm together for the last 20 years and go through all the positive and negative parts of this arrangement. For them, the partnership has felt natural and successful, something they are eternally grateful for. The discussion covers Kelly and Greg’s college years, their first jobs, and how they linked up romantically and professionally. From there some of the personal pros and cons are considered and a specific external example of a difficult marriage and business partnership is laid out as something to avoid. The episode finishes off with a meditation on playing to your strengths while nurturing each other so that your marriage and business can bloom and prosper. For all this and more, be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Kelly and Greg’s differing family experiences growing up.
  • Meeting at university and the seeds of careers being planted.
  • When Greg joined Kelly after parting ways with his firm.
  • The benefits and buy in of working in the same field.
  • The list of pros of working with your spouse and best friend.
  • Considering some of the downsides of possibly working with a partner.
  • Navigating each other’s needs and different personalities.
  • The most challenging and irritating things about working with each other!
  • A basic lesson for couples going into business together.
  • One example of a messy marriage and business partnership.
  • Playing to your strengths and dividing the work accordingly.
  • Ways in which you can nurture your marriage while working together.
  • And much more!


“I conform to change real quick. I love change, that’s one of my big things.” — Kelly Bennett [0:12:47.9]

“There’s never been any resentment in our relationship by the other working long hours or what they have to do, especially when we’re preparing for a trial. We both understand that that takes a lot of time and effort.” — Greg Bennett [0:17:43.3] 

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