Around here we are BIG believers in using our unique skills and talents in our daily work. And even beyond that, we believe in using those same unique talents to effect meaningful change in the world we live in. Our guest today is someone who embodies those same beliefs and has put those beliefs into action. Alexis Romero is one of three Empowerment Village Leaders for Rancho Damacitas Children and Family Services ( Rancho Damacitas has served the Temecula Valley area of Southern California for over 35 years. Seeing a huge need for the care and empowerment of foster children in the community, RD developed four powerful programs to care for foster kids, disadvantaged youth and young homeless mothers and their children formerly living on the streets. Of their four programs, Rancho Damacitas recently started Empowerment Village. Empowerment Village is a residential campus in the beautiful Wine Country area of the Temecula Valley, here in Southwest Riverside County, California. Empowerment Village was created to break the cycle of young children being placed into foster care. Rancho Damacitas believes that by empowering young mothers to become self-sufficient, employed, educated and contributing members of their communities, their children gain a fighting chance at stability and staying out of the foster care system.

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