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A lot of us are talking about our goals and our objectives for 2021. The other thing that I hear about is a bit of hesitation from our women leaders and influencers.

Are you second-guessing yourself – asking questions like “Can I be that bold with my goals?” “Can I really be that audacious with my goals?” … and a little bit of self-doubt creeps in. That self-doubt goes to a whole new level; where it stops you from taking action. A lot of that is driven by this phenomenon that’s been around for a long time.

And we all suffer from it in one shape or form. It’s called Imposter Syndrome. Today, I’m interviewing my longtime friend and my former colleague in the law, retired judge Sherrill Ellsworth. We’re talking about Imposter Syndrome, women needing to believe in themselves, think about those things that hold us back, and embracing those hurdles head-on. Sherrill is a past presiding judge of the Riverside County Superior Court. Over the years I even appeared in front of her. Oh yes, we’ve gone toe to toe… or bench to bench if in the courtroom. Later on, after she retired, we became business partners.

First as an attorney and then becoming elevated to the bench, she was one of the youngest bench officers ever. She served nearly 20 years! Today we’re talking about Imposter Syndrome. I think you’re really going to enjoy what Judge Ellsworth has to say because we’ve both been there and we both overcome some serious hurdles. She’s brilliant, very insightful and I know you’re going to love her.

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