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Well, hello Empire builders. Welcome back to the On Fire Empire Podcast. Today, I’m bringing you PART TWO of my interview with District Attorney, Ivy Fitzpatrick. If you listened to the last episode, which you’ll want to do if you have not, Ivy Fitzpatrick and I were talking in detail about how to live an extraordinary life in the midst of chaos, and we certainly are in some chaotic times here dealing with this COVID-19 worldwide pandemic.

Where we left off, Ivy was talking about the different tools that she used to handle a major life challenge that was as disruptive if not more, and on an ongoing basis, than what we’re dealing with this pandemic. I left off asking Ivy what kinds of people she surround herself with in order to successfully navigate a very serious chronic medical condition that she’s got, and so you’re going to hear Ivy kick that off. But the rest of the interview gets really interesting, because we are discussing the concept of redemptive pain and how to use that redemptive pain, not only to live an extraordinary life, but to also serve others.

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