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Hey there Empire Builders! I’m so happy to be back in what is a return after a long break from the microphone. We are in an interesting season of change and a lot of worldwide turmoil and upheaval with this COVID-19 crisis. And today’s episode and interview couldn’t come at a better time. I think you’re going to find a lot of very helpful information and inspiration as I introduce you to and you listen in on my interview with my guest, Ivy Fitzpatrick.

Ivy Fitzpatrick is an exceptional career woman. If you’ve got some struggles going on, if your life has been put on pause or there’s a big shift or sea change that’s gone on recently – this episode and the big life challenge that Ivy brings to the table will change your perspective.

Whether or not it’s a chronic illness or something else, you are going to hear the approach to life and change as a result of the big life challenge that Ivy brings to the table.

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