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It’s been a LOOOONG hiatus since our last episode. So here we are… back for another season of On Fire Empire – and this time we have a new book to share! More on that later.

It’s Thanksgiving this week and for some people, it’s a sad time of the year. This might be you. Or someone you love – if someone you know is going through something – then PLEASE share this episode. It may be exactly what they need – just in the nick of time.

This might be the first holiday after any number of things that have a knack of turning the world upside down for some – a failed marriage – lost loved one or family member – financial crisis – you feel alone. When you feel hopeless your vision is clouded – and you can’t envision the future. You feel there is no future – and that feeling leads to the feeling of helplessness.

Maybe it’s time you ask… a different QUESTION. Are you ready? Listen up!

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Paul Bayne – my friend of 35 years…a special man, who asked a different question.

Visit Paul Bayne's GoFundMe Fundraiser

In this episode, we share our dear friend Paul Bayne’s story, his battle with terminal brain cancer, and his project that can help so many others learn from his experience.

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