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In Part 2 of the “Gossip” Empowerment Series. Jose and I tackle 3 more reasons (and the “hows”) gossip disempowers you.

Last week, we talked about how your credibility goes out the window when you gossip…and that your “reputation score” is the new currency. Reputations can be pretty easy to damage.

Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Gossip is a time suck!
  2. Gossip invites the wrong kind of people into your inner circle.
  3. Gossip hurts you and others.

Get your listen on to get the full scoop (and some juicy stories).

If you are building a special empire at work or home, then a zero-tolerance gossip policy is critical. So—insert fanfare here—I’m giving you something that is both cool and useful. It’s called the “No Gossip, Affirm Others Policy.” I’ve created this little freebee so you can implement it ASAP. Go grab yours at (and share with business associates and family).

Grab the free download and take a listen to our Episode 33 right now… We won’t tell anyone.

Download the No Gossip, Affirm Others Policy

In this episode, we talk about No Gossip, Affirm Others Policy. You can download your own copy right here and start using it in your own organization!

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