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Welcome to another episode of the On Fire Empire Podcast—I’m your host, Kelly Bennett.

(Whisper:) Shhhh. Come closer. Do you want to hear a secret?

You do? Well, here it is: Gossip—that gum flapping, time-sucking, all-American pastime—disempowers you. What? Yep, it’s true.

Today, we’re looking at some of the side effects of gossip to you personally if you’re involved in it, or generating it.

You don’t even think about it, but when you start gossiping…people no longer trust you. Right? Your credibility flies out the door (and don’t let it hit you on your way out). It’s been said that the new currency out there is trustworthiness. You don’t want to lose that.

Speaking of losing things, as a manager of people I can’t trust someone who is gossiping, because it harbors bad feelings within the team. Why would I want that person to, for example, lead a project? Why would anyone?

Gossip can sour your boss, coworkers, friends and family on you. You might not get that raise or that project, and that stinks…almost as bad as the gossip itself.

So have a listen to this episode on how a little “harmless” gossip isn’t so harmless after all. Jose and I share some real-life examples of gossip undoing the “gossiper.” You might not believe what you hear.

Plus, I’m giving you a little bonus…our No Gossip Affirm Others Policy that you can use in your life and in your work. That’s something you can actually talk about! Download it below.

Download the No Gossip, Affirm Others Policy

In this episode, we talk about No Gossip, Affirm Others Policy. You can download your own copy right here and start using it in your own organization!

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