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Welcome to another episode of the On Fire Empire Podcast—I’m your host, Kelly Bennett.

Today I have something to confess: I’m feeling very behind. I’m off schedule with the On Fire podcast and I’ve been slow getting the episodes out. I’m an achiever-type, so this makes me a little nutty.

The wrap up of my book, Victim Is Not Your Name, is also taking longer than expected, and quite frankly, I’m feeling really anxious to get it released.

Topping it off, we’re implementing new processes at work. I’m still plugging away and wishing it was done already! And, sadly, summer’s pretty much over, even though it’s still hotter than heck here in the inland empire.

With all of these things I need to do, truth be told, I’ve been putting a huge amount of pressure on myself that has caused some angst. If you’re an achiever-type, you can probably relate.

In the midst of all that dang pressure I finally stopped, questioned, and asked, “Self, why am I doing all of this? I’ve got to decompress.” In Episode 31 of the On Fire Empire podcast, I reveal the three ways I found to decompress, and how a simple ‘recalibration’ of the way we look at things can help us breathe a little freer.

So this episode is hitting you a bit out of order, but I think it’s an important topic. On the last podcast I told you that the next episode would be about ‘gossip,’ which can really disempower you. It’s not done yet and I won’t release anything “half-baked,” but the ‘gossip’ episode with be out soon.

Life is now, so go get it.

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