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Welcome to another episode of the On Fire Empire Podcast – I’m your host, Kelly Bennett.

Today we’re introducing a little throwback podcast – It was our very first podcast launched back in November of 2018.

Right now we’re in the middle of the summer and on the cusp of releasing Kelly’s new book, “Victim is Not Your Name. Remembering Your True Identity in the Midst of Life Challenges”. As we’re putting on the finishing touches on the book, we got a little behind on our podcast schedule.

We’re all about empowerment this season, and Kelly thought…”hey this is about priorities and bringing great content to our audience is a top priority! We know so many people will be helped by this book!”

So, in the spirit of empowerment, we’re presenting this encore presentation of Episode Number One – The Upside To Becoming Personally Invested With Emotionally Charged Clients with Mindy Felton. Kelly talks about the upside to become personally invested with emotionally charged clients. Kelly and her sister, Mindy Felton, discuss her work with cancer patients.

Kelly and Mindy approach their work in very similar ways – working in emotionally charged situations, doing what you love, and working in something that gives you purpose.

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