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Well hello, and welcome back to the On Fire Empire podcast.

If you’re a regular listener, you probably noticed that we’re opening the show today with some new music. That’s because my guest today is a leading Southern California criminal defense attorney, John Pozza.

Not only is John super interesting and has a big heart for helping the clients he serves to get out of legal jams and improve their lives – John is also the lead singer and guitarist of an amazing band here – called the 4019’s. So yes…you guessed it – that’s John’s band kicking off the show today. More on the 4019’s in just a minute.

So here in Season 3, we’re focusing on Practical Law You Can Use.

Today’s episode is actually Part 1 of a 2 part interview with John Pozza – and this one is ALSO a Video Podcast – in addition to this traditional audio. You can catch the video on our YouTube channel – the link will be in the Show Notes.

So today’s Episode is called “Everyone’s A Criminal! A Nice-Gal’s and Nice-Guy’s Guide to Run-Ins With the Law”.

You know – even normally law-abiding citizens at one time or another find themselves interacting with the law – maybe it’s being a witness to a car accident, or being pulled over for speeding…or sometimes…well bigger issues arise that you never thought you’d have to deal with.

In my fascinating interview with John Pozza – we talk about common scenarios that may apply to you or someone you know – where criminal issues arise. John gives us some really practical information on how to handle these situations – and I think you’ll be surprised at some of the information he shares on how the criminal system works. I know I was surprised!

John’s been practicing the art of criminal defense for over 25 years here in Southern California. He has represented a wide variety of people, from career criminals involved in significant crime to everyday professionals, soccer moms and people involved in one-time issues.

John has been interviewed and featured across a broad spectrum of media outlets including, CNN, Larry King Live and ABC News.

John’s work representing a client in a murder case that drew nationwide attention was featured and discussed in the book “Objection” by the one and only, Nancy Grace.

The information discussed today – I must remind you – is not intended to be legal advice – it is for informational and entertainment purposes only. If you have legal issues – we HIGHLY advise that you don’t handle it yourself – but instead get to a really great attorney – right away!

In fact – I recommend you go back to Episodes 24 and 25 – where we talked about How to Find and Hire a Great Attorney (Ep 24) and Ep 25 – How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Attorney.

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