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We’re in Season 3, where I’m bringing you some totally practical, hands-on info on the Law – Law You Can Use in your everyday life.

I happen to be recording this show on the eve of Tax Day…that’s right, April 15th. And the timing couldn’t be better for what we’re talking about today.

So many people hate this time of year, because if they haven’t planned for it, and if they haven’t pre-paid their taxes…well then, it’s time to Pay the Tax Man…time to get right with Uncle Sam…time to Pay the Piper…ok…well you get it.

If Paying the Piper is a theme that’s been on your mind…then you’re going to loooove this Episode – because getting paid is what we’re talking about today.

Does someone owe YOU money?

Have you seen your business relationships or friendships negatively impacted by a debt unpaid, a loan gone bad?

There’s a whole lot of bad ju-ju that comes up when you’ve done work for someone and they haven’t kept their end of the bargain.

It totally sucks when you’ve extended a family member and short-term loan and they don’t repay it.

It really stinks when you start a new business endeavor with someone, and they fail to put in their fair share of the working capital to launch the business, as you had agreed.

And it’s quite unpleasant when an ex hasn’t paid you the money he owes you under a divorce judgment or other settlement or court order.

Now let’s get real – does this kind of stuff make you want to bury your head?

Instead of sticking your head in the sand (or getting all stressed out about it) – today I’m going to share my hottest tips and tricks YOU can use, right away – to get the ball rolling and collect what’s due to you.

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