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Welcome to our kickoff episode in the new Season 3 of the On Fire Empire Podcast.

We’re calling this season “Legally Speaking – the Law Stuff You Can Use”. We’re also inviting special guests this season to share their wisdom …and maybe a story or two, about the law, and you might be surprised…how they apply to your life.

These episodes are pretty meaningful… because not only are the topics super relatable to our everyday lives, but with many of them… I’m bringing you some resources that you can use in your business and your personal life –  things that will really open your eyes and give you a new perspective.

So today, we’re talking about Preparing for Divorce: and Choosing Your Inner Circle. So… What do I mean by Inner Circle? Well sometimes… believe it or not, your family and friends may not be the best advisors during your divorce. And even though it may be tough to go through without your besties, they could be the reason your divorce can go longer than it needs to, or… the reason you have unnecessary drama back at home. The most successful people have an awesome inner circle of confidants and advisors that are curated for the best possible outcome.

Are you ready for season 3? Let’s get started.


“I am bringing you some resources that you can use in your business and in your personal life, things that will really open your eyes and give you a new fresh perspective.” — Kelly Bennett  [0:01:19]


“And you can have an inner circle that is as powerful too. It will apply to you are you are going through divorce or really any other endeavor that you got.” — Kelly Bennett [0:05:17]

“When your inner circle reminds you of your value, it is so helpful in getting on with the business of living a fulfilled life.” — Kelly Bennett [0:09:19]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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