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Today we have an audio presentation of a video I did last year from our “Kelly off the Cuff” series. You can watch those and other videos at LAWLOVELIFE.COM/BLOG. I’m talking to you about the concept of “Peace at Any Price”. As we say in the settlement & negotiation & mediation world “Peace at Any Price, is No Peace at All”.

What am I getting at here? Are you so anxious to settle a conflict, that you are willing to give away the farm because you just want peace…an ending to the conflict? I see this all the time… especially in divorce, marital conflict and business dispute situations. I’m going to share examples and give you the tools – to work through the discomfort of negotiation.


“Sometimes your discomfort is worth working through in order to get a better result instead of selling out in the moment.” — Kelly Bennett [0:02:21]

“Work through that discomfort so you can get to the finish line in a way that keeps your dignity and your financial future intact.” — Kelly Bennett [0:08:54]

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