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Hey, it’s Kelly and welcome back to another episode of the On Fire Empire podcast. Well, this is the last episode in our Season 2 here before we head into a brief break but don’t worry, I’ve got a few ‘tweener episodes that you’ll really enjoy, in between while we get ready to kick of Season 3.

Last year, I released a video on how to court proof your life by building in some tools like mandatory mediation or arbitration clauses into your settlement agreements and your contracts and some other nifty tips on how to stay out of court. I know many of you are business leaders and business owners, so this is something that I think is really valuable for you.

Conflict is the fastest way to lose money in your business if it’s not mastered and managed. Today, I want to share an encore presentation of that audio, right here on the On Fire Empire. It’s a perfect segue to follow up last week’s episode and give you even more high powered tools to worry less about things that you can control.

Download The Sample Mediation & Arbitration Clauses

In this episode, we talk about Sample Mediation & Arbitration Clauses. You can download your own copy right here!


“A great mediator will help the parties take a realistic look at their dispute and deal with it honestly and effectively.” — Kelly Bennett [0:04:56.8]

“The mediator isn’t a judge or a decision maker. Instead, a mediator is a skilled facilitator who explores as many options as possible with the parties to come to a win/win solution.” — Kelly Bennett  [0:105:09.3]

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