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Last week, we listened and unpacked Jami Buchanan’s journey through Beautiful Cancer and how Jami decided to take control of her bladder cancer diagnosis, apply her strategic business approaches to it, and take charge of her own inner circle which included helping her own son work through his deepest fears of possibly losing his mom.

Because of Jami’s courage to have that difficult conversation with her son, he was able to make the shift from negativity to her supportive superhero. Now, as I said last time, Jami wrote a book about her experience called Beautiful Cancer and we talked about how to get your hands on your own copy of this great book. I’m going to include the link HERE. Check it out so you can see how you can get your own copy or get a copy of this fantastic book for a friend.


“I truly believe that we have the ability to help people treat us differently and we can do it very graciously.” — Jami Buchanan McNees [0:04:31.3]

“I was very fortunate that I had girlfriends who as soon as they knew I had cancer, they were right there for me.” — Jami Buchanan McNees [0:05:32.8]

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