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Friends, we’re rolling into another powerful, 2 part interview today – this one is with an amazing cancer survivor, Jami Buchanan McNees.

Jami is, of all things, a Health Insurance broker – and she received the surprise diagnosis of her life – cancer.  What Jami did in response was out of the ordinary – and her approach to the challenge of her life is something you’ve got to hear.

Now if you’re not dealing with cancer – don’t miss this interview. Because the inspiration in Jami’s experience and approach is something I know you’ll find useful for your own life – whatever it is you’re experiencing.

Jami wrote a book about her experience called Beautiful Cancer – and she then shared her message in a powerful TED Talk.

Listen to the end – because I’m going to make you an offer your can’t refuse…a chance to get Jami’s book.


“A lot of people fight cancer and battle cancer. I’m not a good fighter. I decided that I needed to find words that I knew that I could win and that I could achieve.” — Jami Buchanan McNees [0:09:53.4] 


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