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Season 2 is here! This season, it’s all about examining the different types of journeys we all experience at some time or another in our lives. You know what? These episodes will be really meaningful because not only are the topics super relatable to all of our everyday lives but also because I’m bringing you some resources that you can use in your business and in your personal life. These are things that I think are really going to take your own life’s journey from GOOD to really GREAT.

This episode is actually the first of a two-part series on the power of forgiveness: Forgiveness: The Journey Back to Wholeness. Many disputes last so long both internally for those who hurt and externally for all who are involved; especially when the wounds are really deep and severe.

Now, if you’re an entrepreneur or a business leader and you listen to this podcast for success tips, business advice, and some legal info and hacks, you’re probably wondering…
Kelly, come on, what does forgiveness have to do with business?

I can tell you, the concept of forgiveness has a lot to do with business. In my 30 years of work as a mediator along with my trial practice you can bet that in those business disputes I’ve mediated, forgiveness was an element of successfully navigating and ending disputes every time.

Is that surprising to you? Well, it’s probably not as surprising as you think. Because if you think about it, forgiveness is not about letting people treat you badly, excusing them for it, and then letting them walk all over you again. No, that’s not what we’re talking about.

Forgiveness is all about letting go of resentment and untying the knots of bitterness and pain that tend to live in our hearts. Whether it’s personal or business for you, resentment is like cancer that grows inside of us if we feed it a steady diet of unforgiveness.

So what’s in store? Well, in this part one episode, we’re going to introduce this idea of embracing forgiveness. Why should we practice forgiveness? There are so many reasons but in this episode, I’m going to hit the big three.


“You can bet that in those business disputes I’ve mediated, forgiveness was an element of successfully navigating and ending disputes just about every time.” — Kelly Bennett [0:03:10.8]

“Forgiveness is all about letting go of resentment. It’s all about untying the knots of bitterness and the knots of pain that tend to live in our own hearts.” — Kelly Bennett [0:03:56.3] 

“When we refuse forgiveness, it means that we retain bitterness and resentment, it just does. It comes with the territory.” — Kelly Bennett [0:10:36.9]

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