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Welcome back to the On Fire Empire Podcast. On today’s show we have our last ‘tweener episode before we kick off Season Two. It’s an encore presentation of a vlog we released on our YouTube channel, Law Love Life TV.

You know, in Kelly’s 30+ years of being a top-tier divorce attorney, she has helped many parties get through it all, and virtually every situation is different. The one thing you can count on being the same in every divorce involving children: it’s NOT easy.

Telling the kids that mom and dad are splitting up is life changing. It is something children will typically remember, forever. In this episode, Kelly shares 5 tips to help you get through it and have a positive outcome.


“Even when your spouse is not taking the high road, if you’re in a very contentious situation, I want to encourage you to take the high road every time you’re talking to your children about this issue of divorce.” — Kelly Bennett [0:05:42.1]

“One of the biggest gifts you can give your kids is permission to love the other parent.” — Kelly Bennett [0:09:21.1]

“Sometimes, just having a professional to lean on and allowing them to guide the conversation is your best route to success.” — Kelly Bennett [0:17:18.1]

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