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For the last month, we’ve been teeing up a new season, loaded with fascinating guests and super applicable life-topics for you. We’ll kick off Season 2 next week and I think you’re going to love what we’ve been cooking up. Today’s show is all about procrastination. Oh yes – that faaavorite subject! I’m throwin’ you into the deep end of the pool (and yes…I’m jumping in with you)… because today, we’re exploring the Power of Negative Motivation. That’s right – NEGATIVE motivation. Now I’m not a big fan of negative anything – and really…I think the phrase “negative motivation” is a bit of an oxy-moron. But I’ve discovered a few ways that negative consequences really do work to overcome procrastination. So in this show, I’ll share 3 negative motivation tools you can use today to combat procrastination…including the one that’s the most effective technique I’ve ever used! It’s my “secret weapon” when I’m REALLY feeling challenged by the procrastination monster… And you know what? I’ve battled procrastination ALL. MY. LIFE.

It’s a procrastination throw-down today.

Are you ready? Then gimme your hand, ‘cause we’re jumping into the deep end.


“Perfectionism is the enemy of execution.” — Kelly Bennett [0:08:40.1]

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