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There are a lot of ways we build a positive, connected work-family culture. I think one of the biggest impacts has been our move from classic vacation days to a Predictable Time Off schedule. And oh baby…it’s different!

On this episode of On Fire Empire, my producer Jose Bono and I are talking about how this “radical” idea of Predictable Time Off has made a huge difference in our business.

We take a significant amount of time off.  We all have the same amount of time off.  And we all take time off at the same time…same days. The results are nothing short of ahhhh-mazing. Don’t think you can “afford” to implement something like Predictable Time Off in your business?  Well, you might be surprised – at Team Bennett, we now know that we can’t afford not to.


“We’ve had more time off but the productivity is going up because the burn out rate is going down.” — Kelly Bennett [0:07:21.9]

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