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Welcome to one of our special, ‘tweener episodes here at The On Fire Empire Podcast! While we are gearing up for the new, full season of the show, we will be bringing you four short episodes to tide you over. Great? We think so! In this episode, we are talking about the value of the female voice in any business or government organization.

We were invited to speak at the City of Corona at a special event called “Coffee with an Entrepreneur” – hosted by Kimberly Davidson (Corona’s Economic Development Manager) and the Corona Chamber of Commerce. In this interview, Kelly was asked by Kim about the special challenges of being the only woman professional or one of just a very few in a male-dominated industry. Kelly shares some stories with the audience and invites them to think about some of the positive elements that these ideas can foster. For all this and more, be sure to join us!


“If we had an all-female run business I would say you need some muscle in your hustle. You need to have some men because the two genders bring a different experience and therefore, a different lens and perspective to what’s going on.” — Kelly Bennett [0:09:34.2]

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