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Welcome to another episode of the On Fire Empire Podcast! Today we’re walking you through the three must do steps for approaching divorce the smarter way. For the next few minutes, we’re going to forget about what other people might say, forget about what they might think because this is about getting real about minimizing the negative impacts of divorce. You know, I developed this episode today because we’ve all got a really big problem going on in our society and that is when families are going through a divorce situation, they tend to let their emotions and their upset lead them around by the nose. They don’t plan and planning is the freedom piece. They fail to plan for their divorce and recognize what’s really going on.

Planning for college, planning for your wedding, planning for retirement, planning your annual goals, planning for final exams. We plan for trips, we plan our vacations, we even most of the time plan for children. Why wouldn’t you be smart and plan for one of life’s greatest challenges? Divorce. Well, today, we’re about to get really smart.


“We see spouses who get served with divorce papers and they’re often aghast when they realize that their soon to be ex has been planning the divorce way in advance.” — Kelly Bennett  [0:02:44.9]

“Kids do best through divorce when they have a modicum of stability and so keeping them in their school and near their friends and doing the same types of activities they’ve always done can be very comforting to them” — Kelly Bennett [0:25:49.3]

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