Episode #4 - How to Put More Muscle in Your Hustle: It's Not What You Think

with Josh Hubby

Show Notes

Welcome to episode four of our season one, here at On Fire Empire. On today’s show, we are talking to my personal trainer extraordinaire, Josh Hubby of the P4L Fitness empire here in Southern California. Josh has a passion for impacting lives through the health and fitness industries. After high school, Josh attended Point Loma University and studied Athletic Training. Inside this episode, we talk about the benefits of taking time away from your crazy, busy growing business in life. Now, that might seem kind of counterintuitive but that’s exactly why we are diving into this topic! It’s all about challenging conventional wisdom to give your empire the boost it needs. So, before you walk out the door and hit the gym to supercharge yourself, listen to this great interview with Josh Hubby.

“If I can create and focus more on significance versus just success, then the money and the success will follow.” — Josh Hubby [0:06:10.1]

“We are quick to fire and slow to hire.” — Josh Hubby [0:10:42.1]

“Just because you have big biceps and like to work out, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a great trainer.” — Josh Hubby [0:10:49.1]

“Just because you’re amazing at one thing, doesn’t mean you’re amazing at everything.” — Josh Hubby [0:15:35.1]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

P4L Fitness — http://p4lfitness.com/

Law Love Life — https://kellybennettesq.com/

Bennett and Bennett — https://bennettandbennettlaw.com/

Michael Hyatt — https://michaelhyatt.com/

Rancho Damacitas —http://4kidsfirst.org/

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