No matter where you are in life, you’ve got the absolute ability to reinvent yourself. It’s all attainable with the right mindset and the right strategies.

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if regardless of what has happened in your life, you are ready to live fully. Read this book if you are ready to create a compelling future for yourself and the people you love.”


Master/Platinum Coach for the Tony Robbins Companies

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Episode that fuel you with techniques, interviews and valuable info to build that soul-satisfying empire that you can be proud of. On Fire Empire is all about helping you create something really special for yourself.

The Success Lab is Here!

Better than Business School – No Kidding.
A 10 seat intimate, mentor-style live experience for you, a few colleagues and Kelly Bennett. A day of mastery dedicated to your success, in the Executive Board Room at Law Love Life’s beautiful headquarters in Temecula, California.

Learn how to negotiate ANYTHING you want!

This free (and awesome) audio training will teach you the seven steps to successful negotiation and give you the confidence to become a boss-negotiator.
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“I’ve known Kelly for a long time… she holds the title, still the reigning title as the only female Councilmember and Mayor for the City of Murrieta. She is just a fireball of energy and knowledge and just a really exciting person to hear from. What really makes her exciting is her approach to law, family mediation, and entrepreneurship.”

— Kimberly Davidson, Economic Development Manager - City of Corona

What I found engaging about her is how she really reinvented how you look at family law. You want to engage with somebody that is not only professional but approachable and Kelly really met that criteria.

— Heather Rawlings, Corona Chamber of Commerce


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